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Dr Janet Kelly


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Janet is a nurse researcher who works in Aboriginal and mainstream primary and tertiary health care settings, in urban, rural and remote Australia. Her collaborative approach involves working with Aboriginal patients, their families, and a diverse range of health and research professionals to improve Aboriginal health care experiences and outcomes. Janet coordinated and led various stages of the Managing Two Worlds Together Project where she co-developed a set of Aboriginal patient journey mapping tools for quality improvement and education. Janet participates in a range of cardiac, renal, maternity and nursing projects. Her current position focuses on better understanding the in-hospital communication experiences of urban, rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people requiring acute cardiac care, as well as the experiences of their families and health care providers.


McBride K, Kelly J, Kite E, Keech W, Rischbieth A, Brown A. 2014, Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people admitted for a cardiac event in Australian public hospitals: a systematic review protocol. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports 12 (9), 45-57

Dwyer, J, Willis, E, & Kelly, J. 2014, Hospitals caring for rural Aboriginal patients: holding response and denial. Aust. Health Review 38, 546–551.

Posselt, M, Galletly, C, de Crespigny, C, Cairney, I, Ross, J, Liu, D, Francis, H, Kelly, J, Proctor, N, Banders, 2014, Ethics overload: Impact of excessive ethical review on comorbidity research, Mental Health and Substance Use, 7, (3), 184-194.

Kelly, J & Dwyer, J 2014, Traveling to the city for hospital care: access factors in country Aboriginal patient journeys, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 22, (3), 109 -113.


Kelly, J., Dwyer, J., Pekarsky, B., Mackean, T., Willis, E., Battersby, M. & Glover, J. 2012, Managing Two Worlds Together: Stage 2—Patient Journey Mapping Tools, The Lowitja Institute, Melbourne.

Dwyer, J., Kelly, J., Willis, E., Glover, J., Mackean, T., Pekarsky, B. & Battersby, M. 2011, Managing Two Worlds Together: City Hospital Care for Country Aboriginal People—Project Report, The Lowitja Institute, Melbourne.

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