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Katharine McBride


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Bachelor of Health Sciences
Graduate Certificate in Economics
Master of Health Economics and Policy


With an interest in health policy and program implementation, Katharine completed a Master of Health Economics and Policy at the University of Adelaide in 2012. During this time, and also since the completion of her degree, Katharine has tutored in Health Economics at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. From 2009-2013, Katharine was a project officer at the Heart Foundation (SA) working across a broad spectrum from the built environment to acute care, including investigating disparities in access to in-hospital treatment for Aboriginal patients. She was also the coordinator of the South Australian Cardiovascular Research Network, a collaboration of the Heart Foundation (SA), the South Australian government and SAHMRI, which seeks to foster a vibrant research community in the State.

Katharine works across a range of research, centred around cardiovascular health and the continuum of care for Aboriginal people with cardiovascular disease.


Gibson O, Lisy K, Davy C, Aromataris E, Kite E, Lockwood C, Riitano D, McBride K, Brown A. Enablers and barriers to the implementation of primary health care interventions for Indigenous people with chronic diseases: a systematic review. Implementation Science. 2015; 10(1):71.

Brown A, O’Shea R, Mott K, McBride K, Lawson T, Jennings G. A Strategy for Translating Evidence Into Policy and Practice to Close the Gap - Developing Essential Service Standards for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cardiovascular Care. Heart, Lung and Circulation. 2015 Feb;24(2):119-25

Brown A, O’Shea R, Mott K, McBride K, Lawson T, Jennings G. Essential Service Standards for Equitable National Cardiovascular Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Heart, Lung and Circulation.2015 Feb;24(2):126-41

McBride K, Kelly J, Kite E, Keech W, Rischbieth A, Brown A. Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people admitted for a cardiac event in Australian public hospitals: a systematic review protocol. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews & Implementation Reports 2014; 12(9):45-57, doi: 10.11124/jbisrir-2014-1621.

Kite E, Davy C, Gibson O, McBride K, Brown A. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perceptions of quality of life and wellbeing and how they are measured: a systematic review protocol. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 2014; 12(7):138. DOI: 10.11124/jbisrir-2014-1529

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular health and disease 
  • Health economics 
  • Health policy
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