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Dr Peter Azzopardi


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Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Medical Science

Master of Epidemiology

Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Paediatrics)


Pete originally trained as a paediatrician and worked with Aboriginal communities across Victoria and NT. Recognising that the needs of adolescents were largely overlooked, he undertook a PhD to better understand health needs so as to inform effective actions. Pete also leads a research group at the Burnet Institute where his work focusses on improving adolescent health in the Asia Pacific region.

Competitive funding

NHMRC postgraduate scholarship

Sidney Myer health scholarship

Publications (selected)

P Azzopardi, E Kennedy, G Patton, R Power, R Roseby, S Sawyer, A Brown. The quality of health research for young Indigenous Australians: systematic review. 2013. The Medical Journal of Australia. 199 (1): 57 – 63.

D Henning, D Eade, A Langstone, A Bean-Hodges, A Marceglia, P Azzopardi. Asymptomatic Mycoplasma genitalium infection amongst marginalised young people accessing a youth health service in Melbourne. 2013. International Journal of STD and AIDS. In press

P Azzopardi, P Zimmet, R Fahy, G Dent, M Kelly, K Kranzusch, L Maple-Brown, V Nossar, M Silink, A Sinha, M Stone, S Wren, A Brown. Type 2 Diabetes in Australian Indigenous children and adolescents living in rural and remote areas: review and recommendations on diagnosis, screening, management & prevention. 2012. The Medical Journal of Australia. 197 (1): 32-36.

P Azzopardi. The art of medicine: Adolescent health comes of age. 2012. The Lancet. April 28 :379: 1583-4.

N Gray, P Azzopardi, E Kennedy, E Wilserdorf, M Creati. Improving adolescent reproductive health in Asia and the Pacific: do we have the data? A review of DHS and MICS surveys in nine countries. 2011. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health. July 31 [Epub ahead of print].

E Kennedy, N Gray, P Azzopardi, M Creati. Adolescent fertility and family planning in East Asia and the Pacific: A review of DHS reports. 2011. Reproductive Health. May 5; 8(1):11.

P Azzopardi, C Bennett, S Graham, T Duke. BCG vaccine related disease in HIV-exposed infants: A systematic review. 2009. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. 2009 Nov;13(11):1331-44.

C Bannister, L Bennett, A Carville, P Azzopardi. Evidence Behind the WHO guidelines: Hospital Care for Children: What is the Evidence that BCG Vaccination Should Not be used in HIV-infected Children? 2009. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics. Apr;55(2):78-82.

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