Cancer Data and Aboriginal Disparities (CanDAD)

The CanDAD project seeks to develop an integrated, comprehensive cancer monitoring system with a particular focus on Aboriginal people in SA. Which incorporates Aboriginal patients’ experiences with cancer services. 

Lead Organisation:

Wardliparingga, SAHMRI

Collaborating organisations:

University of South Australia 

Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia 

SA Department for Health and Ageing

  • SA Cancer Services
  • Breast Screen SA

Beat Cancer Project SA

Cancer Council SA

SA-NT DataLink

Project Overview:

The aims of CanDAD are to develop an advanced cancer monitoring system that:

1. Improves cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival among Aboriginal people;

2. Decreases the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples’ access to cancer prevention, screening and treatment; and

3. Improves the health service experiences of Aboriginal people at risk of, or diagnosed with, cancer.

The objectives of CanDAD, across the three distinct elements of the research project, include:

1. Element I– Improving the quality and completeness of SA cancer data 

2. Element II– Exploring Experiences of Cancer Care

3. Element III– Towards a more streamlined and integrated data system.

The monitoring system will integrate cancer registry, hospital, radiotherapy, pharmacy, clinical, screening and health insurance data to comprehensively monitor cancer incidence trends, cancer management and survival.

The integration of Aboriginal patient experiences will guide continuous service improvement, community engagement, advocacy and outcomes research, providing data infrastructure for health services, population research, and for training Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) researchers. The purposeful linkage of accurate and complete registry and administrative data alongside narratives of Aboriginal people with cancer will facilitate assessment of existing service quality and appropriateness, secular trends in cancer risk, burden and determinants, will highlight areas of immediate need and provide a robust system for performance monitoring and evaluation.

Funding Source:

National Health and Medical Research Council Partnership Grant

Further Information:

For further information, please contact: Dr Paul Yerrell

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