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Dr Laura Vrbanac BSc (Hons) PhD

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Phone: 8128 4386



BSc (Hons)


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My project involves the optimisation and establishment of an organoid bank derived from human normal colonic epithelium and matching colonic tumours. Organoid technology enables long-term growth of cultures that closely recapitulate properties of the original normal or tumour tissue. Hence, they are a valuable tool in trialling more specific and personalised cancer therapies.


  1. Nyskohus LS, Watson AJ, Margison GP, Le Leu RK, Kim SW, Lockett TJ, Head RJ, Young GP, Hu Y (2013) Repair and removal of azoxymethane-induced O(6)-methylguanine in rat colon by O(6)-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase and apoptosis. Mutat Res – Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis. 758(1-2):80-6
  2. Hu Y, McIntosh GH, Le Leu RK, Nyskohus LS, Woodman RJ & Young GP (2013) Combination of selenium and green tea improves the efficacy of chemoprevention in a rat colorectal cancer model by modulating genetic and epigenetic biomarkers. PLoS One. May 23;8(5)
  3. Winter, J.M., Nyskohus, L., Young, G.P., Hu, Y., Conlon, M., Bird, A.R., Topping, D. & LeLeu, R.K. (2011). Inhibition by Resistant Starch of Red Meat-Induced Promutagenic Adducts in Mouse Colon. Cancer Prevention Research, 4(11), 1920-1928 
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