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Professor Stan Gronthos


Qualifications: BSc (Flinders University); MSc (University of South Australia); PhD (University of Adelaide)

Biography/Research Focus

Biography: PhD (Conferred, 1999) Department of Orthopaedics Surgery and Trauma, Faculty of Health Science, The University of Adelaide, SA, Australia.

(1999-2001) Research Fellow, Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA in the laboratory of Dr. Pamela Gehron Robey, a world authority on bone development and stem cell and bone biology. My postgraduate studies and postdoctoral training resulted in several seminal publications describing the identification of purified populations of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow, adipose and dental tissues. This work led to the generation of a stem cell patent family with my Australian and USA colleagues. (2002) I returned to Adelaide on a Royal Adelaide Hospital Florey Fellowship, and founded the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Laboratory within the Division of Haematology, IMVS/Hanson Institute. (2004) I was awarded a NHMRC R.D. Wright Fellowship. (2007) I was appointed Co-Director of the University of Adelaide Centre for Stem Cell Research (honorary position) and awarded an Affiliate Associate Professor (Level D) through the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide. (2008) I was awarded a NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship Level A. (2011) I was promoted to Affiliate Professor (Level E), through the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide. (2013) I was awarded an NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship through the School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences University of Adelaide. (2014) I was invited to relocate my laboratory as a University of Adelaide representative into the newly built South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

Research focus: The Mesenchymal Stem Cell Laboratory investigates the origin and biological properties of different postnatal mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) populations, that give rise to supportive connective tissues such as myelosupportive stroma, adipose tissue, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, bone, cartilage, ligament, cementum and dentin. Our work seeks to identify critical genes and epigenetic factors that regulate MSC self-renewal, proliferation, migration and differentiation. In addition, research efforts have focused on identifying the factors central to MSC mediated regulation of haematopiesis, angiogenesis and immune cell modulation. Importantly, many of these molecular processes are considered underlying causes of chronic diseases and tumour cell development. Current research interests/ collaborations:(1) Molecular mechanisms of skeletal tissue regeneration (Collaborators: Prof. ACW Zannettino, Prof. D Findlay, Prof. N Sims). (2) Interactions between human stromal and haematopoietic cells in bone remodelling and disease, (Collaborator: Prof. ACW Zannettino, A/Prof. L Purton). (3) Periodontal mesenchymal stem cells and iPSC derivatives for periodontal regeneration (Collaborators Prof. PM Bartold and Prof. S. Shi). (4) Bone marrow stem cells for the repair of ischaemic cardiac and neural tissues (Collaborators Prof. ACW Zannettino, Dr. P. Psaltis; Prof. S. Worthley; Prof. S Koblar).

Commercialisation/ Translation: Together with Prof. Andrew Zannettino our stem cell based patent family was used to establish the commercial entity, Mesoblast Ltd., the world’s largest stem cell based company. Our basic research activities have progressed into Phase II/III human clinical trails for orthopaedic, cardiovascular, cancer and immune based indications. Our continuing research into the basic properties of MSC will help develop more effective and safer stem cell based therapeutic options in the future for a wide variety of clinical diseases and conditions.


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National Health & Medical Research Council, Principal Research Fellowship # APP1042677 (AUD $714,745) 2013-2017. Title: Mesenchymal stem cells in bone regeneration and repair. Principal Investigator: Stan Gronthos.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant # APP1083704 (AUD$ $548,347) 2015-2017. Title: The role of ephrinB1 reverse signalling in osteogenic differentiation during skeletal development and osteoporosis. Chief investigators: Stan Gronthos, Agnes Arthur and Andrew Zannettino.

Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation Grant ($75,000) 2015. Identification of Twist-1 regulated microRNAs which control cranial bone development in Children. Principal Investigators: S. Gronthos, Esther Camp-Dotlic, Peter Anderson.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant # APP1046053 (AUD$466,044.64) 2013-2015. Title: Twist-1 inhibits MSC osteoblast differentiation during osteoporosis via direct regulation of the Wnt signalling pathway. Chief investigators: Stan Gronthos and Andrew Zannettino.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant # APP1043994 (AUD$802,470.63) 2013-2015. Title: Comparison of periodontal ligament stem cells and induced pluripotent periodontal ligament stem cells for periodontal regeneration. Chief investigators: Mark Bartold, Stan Gronthos, Saso Ivanovski, Dietmar Hutmacher.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant #APP1023390 (AUD $591,010) 2012-2014. Title: Mesenchymal Stem Cell maintenance and recruitment during skeletal repair are dependent on EphB-ephrinB signalling. Principal Investigators: S. Gronthos, A.C.W. Zannettino.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant #APP1030528 (AUD$543,675) 2012-2014. Title: The Role of Raptor and Rictor Signalling Pathways in Osteogenesis and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate Determination Investigator(s): Zannettino A, Gronthos S, Fitter S.

Adelaide Research Innovation Commercialization Grant (AUD$100,000) 2014. Title: Characterisation of the molecular target of the monoclonal antibody STRO-1, in mesenchymal stem cell mediated tissue repair and immune modulation. Principal investigators: Zannettino A, Gronthos S, Fitter S.

Australian Cancer Research Foundation Infrastructure Grant ($1.8 million) 2013. South Australian Innovative Cancer Imaging and Therapeutics Facility, SAHMRI. C. Mulligan, T. Hughes, A. Zannettino, D. White, S. Gronthos, D. O’Keefe, G. Goodall, B. To, T. Monro.

Centre for Stem Cell Research, Robinson Institute, University of AdelaideCollaborative Grant ($65,000) 2013. Project: Understanding the mechanisms of aberrant bone formation in Saethre-Chotzen syndrome patients with Twist-1 mutations. Investigators: S Gronthos and A Zannettino

National Health & Medical Research Council, Senior Research Fellowship #508087(AUD $537,500) 2008-2012. Principal Investigator: Gronthos S.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant #626910 (AUD $583,500) 2010-2012

Title: Twist-1 Mediated Regulation of Multipotential Mesenchymal Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Cell Fate Determination. Principal Investigators: S. Gronthos, A.C.W. Zannettino

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant #627143 (AUD $769,875) 2010-2012

Project Grant title: Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and their potential use in periodontal regeneration. Principal Investigators: P. M. Bartold, S.Gronthos, P. Zilm, Andrew Laslett

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant # 626911 (AUD $583,500) 2010-2012

Title: Is Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2 (HIF-2) the "Trigger" of the "Angiogenic Switch" in Multiple Myeloma? Principal Investigators: ACW Zannettino, S Gronthos, J-P Levesque, D Peet, LB To.

National Health & Medical Research Council, Project Grant #565176 (AUD $565,000) 2009-2011. Title: The Role of Eph/ephrin Interactions in Mediating Mesenchymal Stem Cell Commitment, Migration and Bone Fracture Repair. Principal Investigators: S. Gronthos, S. Koblar, K. Matsuo.

National Health & Medical Research Council Project Grant # 508000 (AUD $533,751) 2008-2010.

Title: Mechanisms of premature cranial fusion: role of retinol binding protein 4 in osteogenesis and suture fusion. Principal Investigators: Powell B, Anderson P, Zannettino A, Gronthos S, David D

Australian Stem Cell Centre, Project Grant (AUD $206,000) 2010-2011. Project Grant title: Charaterization and Utilization of iPS Cells for Dental Regeneration. Principal Investigators: P. M. Bartold, S.Gronthos

Australian Dental Research Foundation 22/2009 (AUD $6,400) 2010. Title: Identification and characterization of novel cell surface markers that are essential for periodontal ligament stem cell phenotype. Investigators: Wada N, Gronthos S, Zilm P, Bartold PM

Centre for Stem Cell Research, Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide Collaborative Grant ($75,000) 2010. Project: Efficacy of intravenous versus intracerebral injection of stem cells for brain repair. Investigators: SA Koblar and S Gronthos

Mesoblast Ltd. Melbourne Vic. ($706,796) 2008-12.

Title: Development of mesenchymal precursor cell therapeutic strategies for cardiac and orthopaedic applications. Investigators: Gronthos S. andZannettino ACW

Australian Dental Research Foundation 60/2010 (AUD $7,000.00) 2011.

Project: Investigation of periodontal ligament stem cell self renewal, survival and tissue regeneration in vivo.

Investigators: Mrozik K, Gronthos S, Bartold PM

Australian Dental Research Foundation 64/2010 (AUD $7,943.00) 2011.

Project: The use of human gingival fibroblasts as the feeder layer for iPS cells

Investigators: Hynes K, Mrozik K, Gronthos S, Bartold PM

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