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Verity Saunders


Phone: 08 812 84316



Bachelor of Science (Hons), The University of Adelaide

Research Focus

My role as Laboratory Manager is to oversee the operations of the Cancer Theme North PC2 Laboratory to ensure it is a functional and harmonious working environment for our researchers. As a Clinical Research Scientist, I am involved in the processing of haematopoietic samples collected on various CML clinical trial protocols (e.g. trials assessing efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy, or more recently, trials of TKI cessation). I perform Correlative Science Studies for these trials, data entry and analysis, result verification and manage our extensive CML tissue-bank and cryo-bank to safeguard specimens for future research. Additionally, I am involved with a number of research projects (Treatment-free Remission in CML; ABL001 - a new allosteric inhibitor of Bcr-Abl), assist post-doctoral researchers and contribute to manuscripts for scientific publication.

Publications (2012 - 2017)

Wang J, Lu L, Kok CH, Saunders VA, Goyne JM, Dang P, Leclercq TM, Hughes TP, White DL. 2017. Increased peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activity reduces imatinib uptake and efficacy in chronic myeloid leukemia mononuclear cells. Haematologica. Feb 2. [Epub ahead of print]

Eadie LN, Dang P, Saunders VA, Yeung DT, Osborn MP, Grigg AP, Hughes TP, White DL. 2017. The clinical significance of ABCB1 overexpression in predicting outcome of CML patients undergoing first-line imatinib treatment. Leukemia 31(1):75-82.

Lu L, Saunders VA, Leclercq TM, Hughes TP, White DL. 2015. Ponatinib is not transported by ABCB1, ABCG2 or OCT-1 in CML cells. Leukemia 29(8):1792-4.

Kok CH, Leclercq T, Watkins DB, Saunders V, Wang J, Hughes TP, White DL. 2014. Elevated PTPN2 expression is associated with inferior molecular response in de-novo chronic myeloid leukaemia patients. Leukemia 28(3):702-5.

White D, Eadie L, Saunders V, Hiwase D, Hughes T. 2012. Proton pump inhibitors significantly increase the intracellular concentration of nilotinib, but not imatinib in target CML cells. Leukemia 27(5):1201-4. 

White DL, Radich J, Soverini S, Saunders VA, Frede AK, Dang P, Cilloni D, Lin P, Mongay L, Woodman R, et al. 2012. Chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients with low OCT-1 activity randomized to high-dose imatinib achieve better responses and have lower failure rates than those randomized to standard-dose imatinib. Haematologica 97:907-914. 

Wang J, Hughes TP, Kok CH, Saunders VA, Frede A, Groot-Obbink K, Osborn M, Somogyi AA, D'Andrea RJ, White DL. 2012. Contrasting effects of diclofenac and ibuprofen on active imatinib uptake into leukaemic cells. British Journal of Cancer 106:1772-1778. 

Hiwase DK, Saunders VA, Nievergall E, Ross DD, White DL, Hughes TP. 2012. Dasatinib targets chronic myeloid leukemia-CD34+ progenitors as effectively as it targets mature cells. Haematologica 98(6): 896-900.

Eadie LN, Saunders VA, Hughes TP, White DL. 2012. The Degree of kinase inhibition achieved in vitro by imatinib and nilotinib is decreased by high levels of ABCB1 but not ABCG2. Leukemia & Lymphoma 54(3): 569-78.

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