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The Heart Health theme at SAHMRI focuses on (I) diseases of blood vessels, (ii) heart structure and function and (iii) heart rhythm disorders and represents investigators from all universities across Adelaide. Within the theme, the Vascular Research Centre undertakes a broad translational research program which spans from early discoveries at the laboratory bench through to studies at the bedside, clinical trials and use of new therapies in health care systems. Our research focuses predominantly on the molecular pathways driving formation of atherosclerosis, the impact of plasma lipoproteins and metabolic factors and development of novel imaging approaches. As a foundation partner of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale Biophotonics (CNBP) we also work closely with physics and chemistry researchers to develop novel approaches to studying blood vessels at a cellular and organ based level.

We have a number of potential research projects for both Honours and PhD students with the potential for scholarship top up to the most outstanding potential candidates.

Potential Projects

  • Understanding the nature, regulation and importance of adventitial mesenchymal stem cells and the vascular stem cell niche in healthy and diseased arteries
  • The therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells in stable and unstable atherosclerosis
  • Identifying the cellular origins and characterising the regulation of vasa vasorum in atherosclerosis
  • Investigating the role of lipoproteins and inflammation in the regulation of vascular calcification
  • Investigating the role of osteoprotegerin, inflammation and calcification in peripheral artery disease
  • Investigating the factors that make good cholesterol sometimes good and sometimes bad
  • Novel approaches to imaging hot and cold atherosclerotic plaques
  • Investigating the factors that link stress, depression and heart disease
  • Investigating the link between PCSK9 and vascular disease
  • Investigating the factors that drive heart disease in inflammatory arthritis
  • Investigating the factors that promote heart disease in kidney failure
  • Investigating the factors the promote heart disease in patients with sleep disordered breathing
  • Developing novel nanoscale biosensors of blood vessels

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