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Anastasia Sribnaia

Anastasia Sribnaia is a Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) certified Laboratory Technologist and an undergraduate of Microbiology and Immunology from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. In 2009, she began her research career in the R.E.W. Hancock Laboratory at the UBC, under the supervision of Dr. David Lynn, as a curator for InnateDB ( InnateDB is a publically available database of experimentally-verified molecular interactions of the human and mouse innate immune genes, with a focus on manual curation and pathway building.

In 2012, she graduated with distinction from the Medical Laboratory Science program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology as a CSMLS certified Laboratory Technologist. Anastasia then began work as a Microbiology Technologist at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), British Columbia, Canada. Through her practical experience at VGH, she has gained proficiency in routine clinical laboratory analysis that includes Microbiological, Biochemical, Haematological, Histological and Transfusion Medicine testing. Having focused on medical Microbiology for the past year she has gained great knowledge in the culturing and identification of bacteria from clinical samples using specialized media and biochemical testing, as well as cutting edge technology that includes MALDI-TOF.

It was her diverse practical experience that brought her to SAHMRI, working as a Laboratory Technician for Associate Professor David Lynn, EMBL Australia Group Leader in Biomedical Informatics.


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