Dr Kenneth Bryan

Following completion my degree in Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin in 2001, I went on to develop my interest in computing and completed a graduate diploma in Information Technology in Dublin City University in 2002. These experiences gave me both the domain knowledge and technical expertise needed to commence PhD, again at TCD, in Machine Learning, specifically working on novel unsupervised learning methods in the area microarray expression data analysis.

Subsequent early post-doctoral work in the Machine Learning Group at University College Dublin, 2006-2008, allowed me to build upon my PhD work as well as explore diverse research areas from feature selection in high-dimensional metabolomics data to re-purposing bioinformatics metrics for detecting shilling attacks on recommender systems.

I returned full time to bioinformatics as Research Fellow, within the Cancer Genetics Group at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 2008-2012.Here I gained further experience in the analysis and integration of array based genomic analysis platforms, such as ChIP-chip, aCGH and mi/nc/RNA expression analysis, as well as in the areas of statistical programming, DNA sequence analysis, and scientific software development, while contributing to expanding our understanding of the molecular mechanism underlying the development of the paediatric cancer neuroblastoma.

My more recent work as part of the FP7 funded PRIMES research consortium 2012-2014, has allowed me to carry on my work in cancer research, specifically colorectal cancer, but from the perspective of how changing protein interactions contribute to the development of drug resistance. It has also allowed me to gain experience in database and web application development as well as in the analysis and visualization of large protein-protein interaction networks and to study how perturbations in network traffic contribute to the development of cancer and drug resistance. My current post in the Lynn EMBL Australia Group has allowed me to continue my work in the area as well as giving me the opportunity to work and collaborate within the stimulating cross-domain research environment present at SAHMRI. 

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