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Dr. Mark van den Hurk


Phone: 08 8128 4733



B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences (2010)

M.Sc. in Fundamental Neuroscience (2012)

Ph.D. in Translational Neuropsychiatry (2016)


Dr. Mark van den Hurk obtained his Ph.D. in Translational Neuropsychiatry from Maastricht University (Maastricht, The Netherlands) in 2016. As part of a collaborative Ph.D. study, he carried out most of his doctoral research in the Laboratory of Genetics of Prof. Fred Gage at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California. There, under the supervision of Dr. Cedric Bardy, he developed a practical pipeline for the molecular characterization of individual human stemcell-derived neurons using single-cell RNA-sequencing. Dr. van den Hurk has been appointed to continue his work as a postdoctoral research officer in Dr. Bardy’s recently established Laboratory for Human Neurophysiology and Genetics at SAHMRI Mind & Brain. His research interests revolve around neuropsychiatric disease biology and molecular genetics; specifically, he is interested in unraveling how genetic disease predispositions may disturb molecular pathways and contribute to the development of human neurological and psychiatric illness.

Research Interests

  • Neuro psychiatric genetics
  • Molecular genetics of complex disease
  • Human stem cell biology
  • Neuronal differentiation and maturation
  • Bioinformatics


Bardy C, van den Hurk M, Kakaradov B, Erwin JA, Jaeger BN, Hernandez RV, Eames T, Paucar AA, Gorris M, Marchand C, Jappelli R, Barron J, Bryant AK, Kellogg M, Lasken RS, Rutten BP, Steinbusch HW, Yeo GW, Gage FH. Predicting the functional states of human iPSC derived neurons with single-cell RNA-seq and electrophysiology. Molecular Psychiatry 2016; 21(11):1573-88.

van den Hurk M, Kenis G, Bardy C, vandenHove DL, Gage FH, Steinbusch HW, Rutten BP. Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms of cellular reprogramming to induced pluripotency. Epigenomics 2016; 8(8):1131-49.

Bardy C, van den Hurk M, Eames T, Marchand C, Hernandez RV, Kellogg M, Gorris M, Galet B, Palomares V, Brown J, Bang AG, Mertens J, Böhnke L, Boyer L, Simon S, Gage FH. Neuronal medium that supports basic synaptic functions and activity of human neurons in vitro. PNAS 2015; 112(20):E2725-34.

Fitzsimons CP, vanBodegraven E, Schouten M, Lardenoije R, Kompotis K, Kenis G, van den Hurk M, Boks MP, Biojone C, Joca S, Steinbusch HW, Lunnon K, Mastroeni DF, Mill J, Lucassen PJ, Coleman PD, van den Hove DL, Rutten BP. Epigenetic regulation of adult neural stem cells: implications for Alzheimer’s disease. Molecular Neurodegeneration2014; 9:25.

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