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Dr Martin Lewis


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BSc (Hon), PhD


PhD training included classical biochemical assays, protein purification, and proteomic analysis in the field of lysosomal storage disorders. Subsequent postdoctoral cell biology research on the tumour suppressor protein VHL examined the molecular mechanisms by which this E3 ubiquitin ligase functioned in a protein complex required for degradation of the hypoxic inducible factors (HIFs). A lecturing position in Pharmaceutical Biotecnology ensued for eighteen months.

Joining an ARC centre for the Molecular Genetics of Development, and then the Stroke Research Programme, research focused on the neuronal transcription factor Npas4. This brain specific gene regulator is induced following traumas including seizure or cerebral ischaemia. Studies investigating this gene involved several models: morpholino injections into zebrafish embryos; neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells; and an Npas4 knockout mouse. These models enabled data on morphological and gene expression changes, and behavioural consequences of reduced Npas4 expression following stress. The involvement of Npas4 in depression-like behaviour following stress was also tested.

In 2014 Martin Lewis joined the Mind & Brain Theme in the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute.


Selected 10 publications

  1. Klaric, TS, PQ Thomas, M Dottori, WK Leong, SA Koblar, and MD Lewis. "A Reduction in Npas4 Expression Results in Delayed Neural Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells." Stem Cell Research & Therapy. 2014, 5(3):64.
  2. Leong, Wai Khay, Martin D Lewis, and Simon A Koblar. "Concise Review: Preclinical Studies on Human Cell‐Based Therapy in Rodent Ischemic Stroke Models: Where Are We Now after a Decade?". Stem Cells2013, 31(6): 1040-43. (IF 7.701).
  3. Leong, Wai Khay, Thomas S Klaric, Yingxi Lin, Simon A Koblar, and Martin D Lewis. "Upregulation of the Neuronal Per‐Arnt‐Sim Domain Protein 4 (Npas4) in the Rat Corticolimbic System Following Focal Cerebral Ischemia." European Journal of Neuroscience2013, 37(11): 1875-84.
  4. Elizabeth G Holliday, Jane M Maguire, Tiffany-Jane Evans, Simon A Koblar, Jim Jannes, Jonathan W Sturm, Graeme J Hankey, Ross Baker, Jonathan Golledge, Mark W Parsons, Rainer Malik, Mark McEvoy, Erik Biros, Martin D Lewis, Lisa F Lincz, Roseanne Peel, Christopher Oldmeadow, Wayne Smith, Pablo Moscato, Simona Barlera, Steve Bevan, Joshua C Bis, Eric Boerwinkle, Giorgio B Boncoraglio, Thomas G Brott, et al. "Common Variants at 6p21. 1 Are Associated with Large Artery Atherosclerotic Stroke." Nature genetics2012, 44(10):1147-51. (IF 35.209, cited 32)
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  7. Tran, Hai B, Martin D Lewis, Lor Wai Tan, Susan E Lester, Leonie M Baker, Jia Ng, Monica A Hamilton-Bruce, et al. "Immunolocalization of Nlrp3 Inflammasome in Normal Murine Airway Epithelium and Changes Following Induction of Ovalbumin-Induced Airway Inflammation." Journal of Allergy2012.
  8. Manning, Jantina Anna, Martin Lewis, Simon Andrea Koblar, and Sharad Kumar. "An Essential Function for the Centrosomal Protein Nedd1 in Zebrafish Development." Cell Death & Differentiation17, no. 8 (2010): 1302-14. (IF 8.371).
  9. Roberts, Rachael R, Melina Ellis, Rachel M Gwynne, Annette J Bergner, Martin D Lewis, Elizabeth A Beckett, Joel C Bornstein, and Heather M Young. "The First Intestinal Motility Patterns in Fetal Mice Are Not Mediated by Neurons or Interstitial Cells of Cajal." The Journal of physiology588, no. 7 (2010): 1153-69.
  10. Lewis, Martin D, and Ben J Roberts. "Role of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Localization in the Tumour-Suppressor Activity of the Von Hippel-Lindau Protein." Oncogene22, no. 26 (2003): 3992-97. (IF 7.357)

Research interests

The metabolic and neurological changes that occur following administration of medicines used to treat psychiatric disease. The molecular changes associated with the metabolic changes caused by these medicines that may lead to obesity. Understanding the mechanisms and the roles the effected genes and proteins play in obese morphology. Models of depression that can be employed in the investigation of genetic, cellular and behavioural changes. 

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