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Beat Cancer Project Funding opportunities

The Beat Cancer Project is a South Australian state-wide initiative intended to support and advance cancer research within the state. It is funded by Cancer Council SA and the SA Government (through SA Health) and administered by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

The objectives of the Beat Cancer Project are to increase funding for cancer research, increase the capacity for researchers to attract more national and international research grants, and build a stronger cancer research workforce and broader research infrastructure in South Australia.

We ask potential applicants to refer to the Scheme-Specific Funding Guidelines for further information relating to each Scheme. 

In addition to funding the schemes outlined in the table below, the Beat Cancer Project has committed funding for three Research Chairs, SANT DataLink and the Clinical Cancer Registry.

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a funding agreement with SAHMRI which includes requirements to meet with a representative of Cancer Council SA once a year to provide information in relation to the research being undertaken and provide a biography and synopsis of the research. The funding agreement also contains a number of requirements in relation to the acknowledgement of the funding source.

Researchers will be required to complete an online application form – the link to the form will be accessible on the date that the Scheme opens via the table below. 

If you require further information about any of the above Schemes, please contact the Beat Cancer Project Officer via email at

Research scheme Details 2019 Dates
Travel Grants

Funding Guidelines

Application Form

Funding Available: Up to $5,000* per applicant to support short-term exchange arrangements; up to $2,500 to support conference attendance and travel.

Open Date: 29 March 2019 Close Date: 6 May 2019

One Year Infrastructure Grants

Funding Guidelines

Application Form

Infrastructure Funding will be directed towards research infrastructure that could make an important difference to cancer prevention, treatment and knowledge within the state.

Funding Available: Funding of up to $250,000 will be available per proposal where matched funding is guaranteed.


Applications accepted at any time

Ideas Grants

Funding Guidelines

Supplementary Questions**

NHMRC near miss Ideas Grants

Ideas Grants will generally (available end of December) be for one year, beginning 1 January 2020. Up to $100,000 will be available.

Applications will comprise

Open Date: 6 March 2019

Close Dates: 8 May 2019 (NHMRC RGMS Ideas Grant Application)

22 May 2019 (Cancer Council Supplementary Questions)

* The maximum funding amount was amended on 28 March 2019 as reflected in the attached funding guidelines.

**Please note: an amended version of the Supplementary Questions form was published on 1 May 2019. Please ensure that the amended Supplementary Questions Form is used for your application** 

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