Beat Cancer Project Funding Recipients 2019/2020

Early Career Fellowships

Title First name Last name Project Institution



Novel drug delivery approaches to improve the quality of life and survival of patients with multiple myeloma

The University of Adelaide
Dr Madelé  van Dyk Evaluating the capacity and benefit of precision medicine strategies to account for inter-patient variability with anti-cancer drugs used for advanced cancers Flinders University

Mid Career Fellowships

Title First name Last name Project Institution
Dr Ilaria Stefania Pagani

Identifying and exploiting metabolic dependencies for improved therapeutic outcomes in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients

Dr Stephanie

Reuter Lange

Optimising Cancer Therapy through Development of Evidence-Based Dose Individualisation StrategiesLeukaemia - defining targeted therapies and preventing treatment

University of South Australia

Principal Cancer Research Fellowships

Title First name Last name Project Institution
A/Professor Luke Selth

Understanding and overcoming therapy resistance in lethal prostate cancer

Flinders University
Professor Michael Sorich Reducing the preventable burden of cancer The University of Adelaide

Projet Grants 2020

Title First name Last name Project Institution
Dr Iain Comerford

Improving T cell homing to solid tumours

The University of Adelaide
Professor Peter Hoffmann

Defining a Molecular Signature for Endometrial Cancer Staging

University of South Australia
Professor Timothy Hughes Developing an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to enable a risk-adapted approach to frontline therapy in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) The University of Adelaide
Professor Caroline Miller Artificially-sweetened beverages, fruit juice and water consumption: the unresolved substitution effects from sugar-sweetened beverage policy The University of Adelaide
A/Professor Luke Selth Targeting microRNA-regulated tumour plasticity to improve prostate cancer outcomes Flinders University
Dr Craig Wallington-Beddoe Investigating Desmoglein-2 as a Superior Biomarker and Therapeutic Target for Multiple Myeloma Flinders University

Travel Grants 2019/2020

Title First name Last name Project Institution
Ms Joanne Dono

"I'm not the anti-smoker now. I just don't smoke anymore": Social obstacles to quitting smoking among emerging adults

Dr Carla Canuto

1. Complementing population health cancer data disparities with Aboriginal patient and carer experiences; 2.Cancer treatment and the risk of cancer death among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal South Australians: Analysis of a matched cohort study 

Mrs Khatora Opperman

Clodronate-liposome mediated macrophage depletion abrogates multiple myeloma tumour establishment in vivo 

The University of Adelaide
Mrs Kimberley Clark (nee Evans)

Targeting stromal-derived Gremlin1 to control Multiple Myeloma disease development

The University of Adelaide

Ms  Kimberley Martin

Unassisted and assisted quit attempts by South Australian smokers: what has changed over the last 20 years?

Miss Mara Zeissig The chemokine receptor CCR1 promotes dissemination of plasma cells in multiple myeloma The University of Adelaide
Dr Vasilios Liapis Using Radiolabelled APOMAB® For Non-Invasive ImmunoPET Imaging of Tumour Cell Death Following Chemotherapy Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CAHLN) Inc
Miss Zoe Price N/A Overseas exchange or intern program The University of Adelaide

Infrastructure Grants 2019/2020

Title First name Last name Project Institution
Professor Guy Maddern

Construction of the South Australian Liver Tissue-Biobank (SALT) for discovery and development of prognostic biomarkers of colorectal cancer liver metastasis.

The University of Adelaide
Professor Kim Moretti  

Prostate Cancer in South Australia - Moving the Clinical Registry Forward


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